Slow Blogging Ends Today

Queens Wood, Highgate, London

So here I am, just living my life, doing my thing, and I’m practically a New York Times Lifestyle piece. Only this time, I’m not the smug parent of a toddler who craves sushi (and whose favorite restaurant is Per Se) or a Brooklynite selling artisanal sauerkraut door-to-door on my bike (because that, frankly, is so 2011,) but apparently I’m slow blogging.

That’s right, sports fans, slow blogging. There’s even a manifesto. That’s how you know something is REALLY a thing–it’s got a manifesto. (FYI, even sauerkraut was once condemned by Futurists in one of their food manifestos: “And down with sauerkraut in Germany—the most abominable of all inventions!” So, I guess that counts as manifesto inclusion in a “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” kind of way.)

So what’s been keeping me away? I could get into the slow blogging manifesto: the rejection of immediacy, saving words for things that matter, the power of silence, the rejection of Pagerank and one-liners, the harnessing of the machine to the human–rather than the other way around. (Note: I just summed up the slow blogging manifesto for you, so if you’re wondering why you’re reading, the answer is the occasional sub-pop culture Sparknotes!)

What’s been keeping me away is the public–the wide public that now must be the assumed audience of any blog. The days of quiet Livejournals are gone, and now the reality is that no one is probably reading your blog, but you must assume that EVERYONE is. It’s a conundrum that makes it nearly impossible to write for a specific audience, which is the guiding principle of any good writing.

But here I go, diving in again, after two months, because I miss long-form thinking and find short-burst social media exhausting; because keeping a paper diary doesn’t invite conversation and (for me) invites navel gazing (rather than engagement); and because I have a lot of questions and my way is to talk things out to figure them out. And I guess I don’t care if anyone or no one is reading. It’s the writing that matters.

So, let’s do this thing: daily style. Because there is A LOT of important sauerkraut news that you’ve probably missing, and I’m just the gal to fill you in.


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