Tie Me to the Mast and Let Me Scream to be Let Go

Last week, I went to the famous Morrow Turnover Sale. This thing is EPIC. I know a woman in town who basically wears ONLY things she gets at this sale, and she has the most money, the most kooky vintage dresses around. (Nota Bene: I would very much like to be described as both money and kooky, for those looking to butter me up.)

As I’m moving to London in less than a month, attending this sale cast me as Odysseus tied to the ship’s mast while hearing the torturous song of the sirens. If I start listing the things I left behind. . . that way lies madness!

So I present my two purchases that totaled just a cool $1 (50 cents each.)

“$1,” she whispers proudly.

1. 1960’s Singer How to Make Aprons Booklet (which includes a section on making “up and doing aprons,” because honestly, who doesn’t have a surplus of “down and watching bad Netflix aprons?” It’s time to get up and DO in an apron, ladies.)

2. Black Beads. . .because well, black beads!

In conclusion, my purchases were neither money nor kooky. Discuss.


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